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How to promote my travel blog and the result

How to promote my travel blog and the result

In Sep 2013 I decided that in order to take the outdoor adventure blog to the next level, it would need to become a multi author blog with more variety and volume of content than I could personally write. It was hard to let go off my baby and lose control of the content and the personality of the blog ... Read More »

SEO Google – All About SEO Secrets

When it comes tо learning about SEO, a secret cаn be something intentionally kept classified. Yet, some secrets compriѕe things whісh yоu only learn by surpriѕe. Further, valuable infоrmation remains secretive when yоu simply have not yet accessed the cоrrect channels. Whether thiѕ remains a case оf intentional hush-hush оr merely circumstantial mystery, the bottоm line iѕ thаt thеre аre ... Read More »

My new Seo strategy update for 2014

Hi guys, please check this great Seo pie about Seo in 2013 ann new Seo for 2014 – Great Pie chart by Phil Singleton . We can see big enhance from Social Media , big correlation beetween Google Plus and link building, effectiveness from guest blogging and also the low power of others Social Media as FB, Twitter …to your Succes ... Read More »

How to Learn SEO

I’ve had to learn SEO on my own.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big computer geek and I even considered a major in computer science in college.  But quite frankly, the internet was still in its infant stage when I was in college.  This was in the era when most people still had dial up internet.  ... Read More »

Analyzing Keyword Competition

A lot of people will tell you that all you need to find an SEO goldmine is to discover a keyword that has low competition or a high KEI.  I discussed some of this in “Keyword Research: Analyzing the Critical factors that Promote Online Marketing Success.“  But finding keyword niches that have a low number of competing websites is only ... Read More »

The Importance of Being on the First Page of Search Results

So, you wanna be on the first page of Google or Bing or Yahoo?  Get in line, so does everyone else!  I have encountered plenty of website promoters who will promise to get you the #1 result on Google or get you on the first page.  My first recommendation is not to believe the hype because they can’t guarantee this.  ... Read More »

Using Anchor Text

I’ve written a whole lot about using keywords and with good reason because it is the most critical part of SEO.  But there are really two parts to SEO.  The first part is making sure that your website is properly optimized to rank highly on search engines – that’s where keywords come in.  But the other part is getting links ... Read More »

Search engine optimization Is also About Communication

What is the overall objective for all companies, apart from constructing gross sales? . They try to talk one thing to somebody with a view to create a reaction. This is how a enterprise grows. Over time the communication cone spreads wider and wider and ultimately the viewers grows leading to extra of some kind of an action that helps ... Read More »

How to Increase Google Search Engine Results

These days, the crawlers inside a typical internet search engine do not search for the repetition of the single “key” word. Actually, they make a place of looking over those articles that demonstrate proof of “keyword stuffing.” Consequently, any effort to increase a site’s search engine results must take those facts into consideration. Traffic To Your Website A site that ... Read More »

The way social networking support Seo?

Social networking helping in SEO. Social networks will be loads of fun so why wouldn’t you put it to use in an effort to enhance your own small business in the mean time? Who states that work and play don’t mix properly, as the new realms which have exposed to us with all the introduction of social media show us ... Read More »